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Hello, I'm Sophia and this is my little boy Sullivan.


Welcome to The Toothless Connoisseur, a space in which you'll discover recipes for the curious and budding palette. I believe if you introduce a variety of fruit, veg, and cuisines from a young age that children are more likely to embrace an openness towards healthy and varied foods. When I crafted these recipes for Sully Bananas I asked myself, "What would you want to eat? What do you like?" I then took my appreciation for world inspired foods and set out on a journey to translate various dishes into little people versions. What is kid food? It's what you make of it I think.  There is an abundance of inspiration to delve into when making baby and toddler food. The flavors you grew up with and the ones you picked up along the way. I believe that when we say 'taste is acquired' it doesn't mean we have to wait. This boy didn't miss a beat and he loves his food. He is the OG Toothless Connoisseur. 


Lastly, your wallet will thank you. When I cost compare, a pouch of baby food on the shelf is usually more than double the price of what I would spend to produce my own equivalent.


Take a look around. There is something for everyone here, not just the wee ones!


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